So after witnessing all the hullabaloo of the American election, it led to to think about my own country's politics. The thing I find most interesting is how different the political mentalities of the citizenry are between us despite being so close in proximity and general way of life.

For those of you who don't know, we are a multi-party system, where the States is a two-party system. Yes, you have other parties but they never have any shot at winning. For a while Canada was like that too. We had the (very cleverly named) Conservatives and Liberals as the two main parties, and two smaller parties, the New Democratic Party and the Bloc Quebecois. The Bloc only has candidates in Quebec, which kinda makes them a running joke. Also, their primary platform is separatism (lol them).

But in the semi-recent election, the NDP came in second and became the official opposition to the Conservative government. This is like, for you Americans, if the Libertarians suddenly became the second most popular party. (Not in terms of political similarity, as they're basically opposite sides, but in terms of the surprise it would be)

Why does this matter to you? Just to demonstrate our differences. Canadian parties in general lean more left than our American counterparts. Our Conservatives for example, are more moderate than Republicans and our Liberals are more, well, liberal, than Democrats. The NDP however, are even FURTHER left than that. I'll try to draw a rough line below.

<--Communism...(big gap)....NDP....Liberals...Democrats...Conservatives..(gap)..Republicans...(big gap)...Fascism-->

This is why our elections don't mean THAT much to me. I would prefer to have a Liberal Prime Minister, but I'll settle for the Conservative Stephen Harper for now. They're both left enough that my whole life won't be turned upside down either way. It wouldn't have near the same impact that electing someone from the Republican party in the US would have, given that the Republican platform doesn't support many of the values and laws we pride ourselves in having in Canada.

So now you know :)