With the end of the epic Freelancer saga of RvB dawns the reveal of a new show, RWBY. This show by Monty Oum looks absolutely amazing. It really seems like he's pulling out all the stops with this one. The look of it makes me think of traditional anime toon style meets a watercolor painting, giving it a clean, gorgeous look. From what I can tell of the trailer, it seems like it will star four main characters, each representing different colors: Red, White, Black and Yellow. The design of the trailer, showcasing the red character, made me think of Little Red Riding Hood meets Kingdom Hearts. That being said, each of the four characters seem to represent different fairy tales, from looking at the design of them and from the lyrics of the song in the trailer, theses are my guesses for them:

Red: Little Red Riding Hood
White: Snow White
Black: Belle (from Beauty and the Beast)
Yellow: either Goldilocks or Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty)

Anyway, I am super exited for RWBY, and 2013 can't come fast enough. smiley8.gif