Well, I just had two lazy days off, and today can go blow. I woke up this morning realitively okay...a little tired, but that's to be expected. I made some food and all that jazz, then I was getting dressed and snapped my underwire. *Sigh*. After I more or less remedied that situation, I finished getting ready and then headed to work. Never let two newbies work two days unsupervised. I have no idea how they messed up SO badly but it took me TWO FRICKEN HOURS to sort the cash out and the total is still short. Had to then rearrange the ENTIRE new release wall because they mucked that up horribly as well. Still haven't gotten my pepsi order yet, which should have been here over two hours ago. Now I have a tension headache and I'm annoyed as shit. And I won't get to watch the podcast tonight. Can I go back to bed now?? smiley4.gif