so this morning i fly out to Adelaide to hep out at their 1st Supanova.

I need this trip after the crap i have had happen to me this week.

My hand bag was stolen on Monday and in it was almost my entire life.
The iPad was in it, my purse with all my ids, my keys- car, home and work keys and my fave sunnies which were $20 k-mart sunnines but thats beside the point.

my home and contents policy has another lil policy to it which it an unspecified personal policy- meaning that if my shit is stolen from me when im out and about i can claim up to a certin amount. which means cos some fucker sent their kid in to the hair salon and nicked my bag i can claim it back.

the only problem is i never keep receipts. but that was ok, i just needed to provide photographic proof that i had the items that were stolen.
I knew there was a reason for me photobloging a lot.

Any way police report was filed, insurance has my claim form and the hair salon is hooking me up with free stuff cos they feel bad this had happened (and they dont want me going off on a twitter rant)

any way off to adelaide very soon.