YAY for the Mechbox song! SING WITH ME!!!

The Motor is connected to the - Motor Bevel Gear
The Motor Bevel Gear's connected to the - Main Bevel Gear
The Main Bevel Gear's connected to the - Spur Gear
The Spur Gear's connected to the - Sector Gear!

The Sector Gear's connected to the - Tappet Plate and Sear Lever
The Tappet Plate's connected to the - Loading Nozzle
The Sector Gear's outer teeth are connected to the - Plunger
The Plunger is seated by the - Piston Sleeve!

The Piston Sleeve is housed by the - Sleeve Retainer
The Sleeve Retainer is held in place by the - Guide Rails
The Guide Rails are machined with the - Spring Guide
The Spring Guide retains the - Main Spring!

The Main Spring is linked to the - Sector Gear (again)!
The Gear Box houses all the - Internals
The Internals are linked via the - Wiring Harness
The Wiring Harness is linked to the - Contacts!

The Contacts are linked to the - Contact Carrier
The Contact Carrier is linked to the - Trigger Lever
The Trigger Lever is reset by the - Sear Lever
And the whole thing cycles again! BANG BANG!

My happy AEG gearbox song.
I sincerely used this song to memorize the construction of an Airsoft Electric Gun Gearbox, called a Mechbox in the industry. This is based on the Version 2 Mechbox commonly used by the industry. This is the mechanism that makes an electric airsoft gun work and fire in full auto! It really is that simple!