So, my wife and I spend a lot of our time doing work for various animal rescues. My wife became a huge dog lover after we got our little Poodle/Maltese Sophia, and Bailey, our Shih Tzu/Poodle.

She has become a master of social networking for these rescues, and helping pull dogs off the streets, finding vetting and rescue backing, along with fosters. The biggest problem I've seen is that these rescues have such huge hearts, but networking to find resolution is an issue for them.

Since this has been a good year for me and my wife, we decided to go beyond our normal donations to charities (CHILD'S PLAY!) and to help a family in need to ensure they have a good Christmas.

Well, a rescuer was out in the 5th ward feeding stray dogs (FYI 5th Ward is an infamous impoverished area of Houston), and came across some dogs that were owned by a little girl, but were improperly cared for. Fast forward a little bit and we come to find out the story of that little girl and her grandmother Lydia.

Lydia cares for the girl and her little brother who is in the third grade. Lydia doesn't work, and normally requires government to feed the kids, whom were dumped on her as infants by her own children. Lately she was worried, because she didn't know how she was going to be able to feed the three of them.

So my wife and I took on a project to make sure this family was able to have groceries for the next couple of months, when hopefully her situation has been resolved. So we started a ChipIn and my wife and I were coordinating with the rescue person who met Lydia to be a go-between, so as to not overwhelm her and her family.

Out of our own funds, we planned to buy a small Christmas tree and a few gifts for the kids, because we felt they should be able to have something on Christmas day to enjoy. And then last night we found out that they are living without power. So there is another bump in the road we are going to help them overcome.

We aren't looking to provide these folks with long term financial support, just something to help through the holidays to make it just a bit brighter, and hopefully Lydia's situation has been resolved as she is hoping it will.

I'm posting a link HERE, no expecting or demanding, but if you'd like to help, thank you so much.