i keep a picture of you
but i don't know just what i'd do
if i saw you face to face right now

you know i've always loved you
if i could stop myself i would
but there's no easy way to

end how i feel
and to change what was real
though we try to fade to black
in the end we come right back

now that we've come so far
how can we ever start again?
memories would lead us back instead we just pretend

now that we've come so far
but love that never ends
keeps us holds us leads us always tearing us a part again

kimi no shashin miru tabi
omouyo moshi ima
kimi ni attara doh naruka

tsutto kimi na suki
akirameyo toe shita
kedo kantan janai sa

kako oh kai e doo kotowa
demo owarasedu
demo kitto mododu