Take a few moments to read @Barbara's entry about the changes.
A New Way To Share With The Community

Our Community Manager is here to hear your comments, questions, and concerns. You can leave feedback on Barbara's journal journal entry and discuss the change. Be cool to each other, yo. Try to refrain from personal attacks and finger-pointing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone here is a fellow Community member and human being.

Because people have asked: Yes. I like this new change. You wanna know why? Because this change increases Community outreach. Sure, I have to take the time to actually learn how to utilize this newness, but I'm cool with it. When the phrase "to make our site run better" s used, I generally make myself adapt.

@Caleb hit the nail on the head:
I know change is scary, but I think if we all work together, we can get through this! By work together, I mean give honest and constructive feedback about the changes. Whether you like the changes or not, you should leave a comment in Barb's post explaining what you like and don't like and give a suggestion of what you'd like to see (be specific). Please remember to stay civilized/constructive.

I'm here for the Community and the content (being content of Rooster Teeth and the Community). Changes be welcomed (or damned)...I'm still here. I ain't budging.

Oh, and I'm fucking STOKED about a new Wish List! smiley12.gif

ALSO: Just because someone writes a journal about OMG LOVING or OMG FUCK EVERYTHING about the new system doesn't mean that they are being overly-dramatic. Let people celebrate and vent. It's all good....just be cool and collected when bringing your opinions to the table if you join in on the site-wide discussion.

Edit: I posted this comment on @Radius55's journal entry. I wanted to add it here -
smiley9.gif After spending the last 3 hours wrapping my head around the change, I see the flaws. I'm alright with seeing what other people "liked", but I follow 200 people. If all 200 people liked the same damn thing, it shows up in my feed more than once. Not all 200 times, but enough times to be slightly annoying. Overall, I'm in love with the idea that this might spark more communication between users by sharing entries and images of people they may not have met on the site yet. On the other hand, the feed is cluttered and I miss the silliness of the mod system.

I'm sad and extremely disappointed in the way some of the Community is reacting to this change. The exploiting of content to prove a point...whether it's to "thumb up" something or "thumb down" the shit out of a post. I feel that's a bit immature. It makes this usually friendly site uncharacteristically hostile. State the disapproval in a journal entry AND to the Community Manager (but keep in mind that the Community Manager didn't design the site! Don't personally attack her!)