Been sooo busy lately, with projects and everything going on trying to finish.

Had some interesting stuff lately like having Colonel Ralph Puckett come to our school to give a speech on "The Infantryman's Perspective on Vietnam". He told some pretty amusing stories from Vietnam like once he got in country he found the unit he was to replace/augment and asked the commander of the unit if he could go on patrol with the men and the commander replied "Don't get yourself killed." To which Puckett replied "That's my primary objective." While on that patrol the 2LT leading it walks up to him and says "Sir may I make a statement, I'm lost." To which Puckett fired back "Well I don't take command of this unit for 10 days, you have 9 days to find yourself."

So with my commissioning coming up my mom started sending out invitations/announcements to people my dad knew and other family friends. Well one of the people she sent an invite to was a guy that my mom knew as Jeff Smith. His dad was an instructor at Ohio that trained my dad and while my dad was a senior at OSU my dad helped train to train him to go to ranger school...well I finally got around to googling him and had an oh shit moment when I realized that he is the the current CG of cadet command and Fort Knox. Apparently I now have the highest ranked man in cadet command coming to administer my oath and pin me.

Had my graduation ceremony earlier, still have 4 finals to go, commissioning ceremony in a week, 2 weeks to Christmas (less than halfway done on shopping), 3 weeks to a new year, and about a month til I report on active duty to Ft. Rucker.