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Kingdom Hearts Final Mix changes:
- The "Zero EXP" and "Combo Master" abilities are added to the game
- The right analogue stick now controls the camera
- Summons has been moved to the 4th command slot
- The talk and special attack commands have been moved to the triangle button
- Trophies
- You can switch between English voices w/ Japanese subtitles, or Japanese voices
- Completing the game will unlock a custom PlayStation 3 theme

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories changes:
- Trophies
- Completing the game will unlock another custom PlayStation 3 theme

358/2 Days inclusions:
- Over 2 hours of HD, fully-voiced cutscenes included
- All of Roxas' diary entries, the Secret Reports and the Character Database are included
- Watching all cutscenes will unlock *another* custom PlayStation 3 theme