@Sirnarvy and I lasted til 4am and realized that we were in serious need of a break.
After a 6 hour nap, we're back and ready to finish the 24 hour gaming session for Extra Life!

Thank you to everyone who donated and to everyone who reposted, tweeted, and passed the good word around! You guys really helped getting the word out and we are extremely grateful!

@SirNarvy made his goal this morning! You are all amazing!
You can still donate because charity should never have a cap.

smiley9.gifSirNarvy's Extra Life link
smiley9.gifSailorTweek's Extra Life link - I haven't made my goal! There's still time!

Whoa...this has been intense!
We had our friends, Phoenix and Tanya, over to play with us. They stayed til 8pm, went home, reconnected their computers, and played with us for a few more hours! Rai and Drew came over to visit, meet the new kittens, and cheer us on! Lee and Barb came over at 1:00am with Christmas cookies that we happily devoured til we we realized, "Good Lord...we're tired." To be surrounded by friends really helped keep our spirits up!

So, we will make up our 6 hours missed STARTING NOW.

After our gaming session co mes to an end, we'll get our stuff together to go back to Kitsap County for some Christmas family shenanigans! smiley12.gif