Wow words can't express what just happened. First thanks to all those put this together, Roosterteeth and all their staff. From the coaches to the people on the floor, and the guardians taking care of us. Meeting the RT staff was already a great experience. Burnie, Ali, Caleb, Gus, Joel, Lindsey, Chris, Kerry, Adam, Monty, Brandon, Kara, Kathleen. Brooke, my coach who lead Team Yellow and me into battle. All the people on-set making the production, they did an amazing job. To all the editors and people behind scene making the videos look awesome, loved it. for hosting the videos and definitely Geico for being the sponsor, without them none of this would have happened. Meeting all the contests, everyone was really cool and great. Team Yellow, each and everyone played their best and couldn't have succeed without them, I'm happy I brought it home for us! The final four, Kyle, David, Josh, each a great adversary and great friends. I love video games and I can't believe I was able to do something like this. Never thought I would win. What a rush, watch the videos, because people put a lot of hard work into them. And its Roosterteeth, everything they touch turns to gold.