smiley9.gif Painted our dining room red to match the living room. Balance has been achieved on the main floor of the house! Our dining room has been effectively transformed into our computer room. We weren't dining in the damn thing...make it useful!
smiley9.gif The kittens are under 4 months old and have grown double their size since we adopted them. I swear to God these little guys will be the size of pumas by the 6 month mark. They have tiny adamantium claws...that have shredded my legs to the point where the deep scratches prevent me from shaving...I have hairy, bleeding legs. God damn, I'm sexy.
smiley9.gif Christmas was calm, short, and to the point. At the McDowell's, my SLAWs (sister-in-laws) and I went through 7 bins full of Nanny's costume jewelry before it all goes to the local theater. Some interesting pieces...some so dog-fuckingly ugly that we laughed ourselves silly. At the Frank homestead, we all played Apples-to-Apples (and I gave them a taste of Cards Against Humanity) and did our traditional Christmas Morning thing. My mother-in-law loves to make her own cards. As a present (and I hope this becomes tradition!), she gave us all boxes of assorted handmade cards. These are works of art, friends. My brother's girlfriend made us all homemade lotion bars, lip balm, and lotion pots for Christmas. Everything smells like chocolate and lavender! Easily one of the most unique gifts I've ever received. smiley12.gif My brother, Nick, has a contract position with Nintendo, so we got lots of neat Nintendo merch as presents. I got a Blue Yoshi plush stuffed inside a Yoshi coffee mug (I'm a sucker for coffee mugs) with a Yoshi pin attached that will go on my convention lanyard. I haven't played a Mario game since Nick took the SNES as his own. I miss that system. One day, I will have one for my own.
smiley9.gif Mystery solved!
Thank you, darling & wonderful @Courtney, for the Rooster Teeth goodies! smiley12.gif
smiley9.gif Thank you for all of the holiday cards! Special thanks to @Oboecrazy for the thumb drive full of oboe love. smiley12.gif And to @MattCory for the Cards Against Humanity sets.
smiley9.gif We attended our first hockey game ever (minor league Everett team!) with @karlibean and @Ragingterror. After the game, we wnt to the AFK Tavern and met up with @OboeCrazy, @Jericho941, and @Nico for drinks, food, & friends.
smiley9.gif@SirNarvy bought us tickets to see How To Train Your Dragon Live The dragons were AMAZING. The show was breathtaking. I cried big, fairytale tears. Everything about this show blew my mind.
smiley9.gif@SirNarvy and I attended the Child's Play Auction Dinner this year. Everything about this event was nerdy-glamerous. Everyone looked like a movie star, we ate delicious foods in super tiny portions, and there was so much to bid on! Before the event, I got to go have coffee with @Barbara (some Blawndee time outside of convetnion craziness!) and @ChurchsWife (Holy shit! We're SOBER!) It was lovely to just sit and talk for hours...about everything. I didn't want to leave the ladies as early as I had to...but I had to get my hair did.
At the charity event, a familiar item was up for silent auction.
@Kempob 's naked GUs cutout from the RTX Sidequest Charity made it's way to another charity courtesy of Robert Khoo. I thought to myself "This needs to be re-auctioned at RTX 2013." and became the highest bidder at $150, I didn't think anyone would beat me. I thought I was unstoppable. I went back to check the auction at the 5 minute deadline. ...Someone outbid me... I was crushed. Maybe I could rebid if it wasn't too high. I looked at the highest bid.
$343. FUCK. Alison Stroll beat me to it. I approached her. "You're winning Naked Gus, aren't you?" She laughed. "Of course! I'm gonna Stanley Cup that thing. Every winner has to sign it and bring it to the next Child's Play function"
"YES!" I exclaimed. "That is what I was hoping would happen!" I have to say that it was weird talking about outbidding each other for a Naked Gus in front of Esther...she just smiled and rolled with it smiley8.gif

smiley9.gif@Gus and @Gavin won some excellent items that they trusted in our care to ship out to Texas for them.
A close up of that Xbox (You can see it AND the Xbox Live neon sign on the podcast set)
We almost took that jacket for ourselves...