Yea I know i'm typing this at nearly 3 am BUT I have a damn good reason why!

For my friends that have known me the longest on here, or at least long enough to where I was still talking about Bleach, will have a good idea of what i'm talking about. Now do you guys and girls remember when I had a major rage quit with Bleach because of the season? It was when AS left Bleach off where Ichigo finally killed Grim in Wakeomundo and left the series off for about 3-4 months I think. Anyways when they finally brought the show back I was super excited, however it wasn't the comeback I was freaking expecting. It was that filler series with the 3rd captain and everything. I thought they were pulling my leg, ha no. I was fucking furious! Ok, ok, ok, getting waaaay off here, all you need to know is that i rage quitted Bleach and stopped watching it.

Now i'm about 100+ episodes behind and have decided that I will catch up on all of Bleach! Since I have no job and no college for another week, I HAVE FREE TIME! That, and I really don't want to deal with the nagging of my roommates. So my goal is to catch up on all episodes by Wed!