Well I'm still on my hunt for another job and I think I just might have gotten an interview. I don't know you tell me. I went over to the place that had bought out Carl's Jr got their application and filled it out that same day and turned it in, I did that Monday or Sunday I think, and I went up there today to check the status of it. They were super busy so I was patient and waited til I could talk to someone, when I did the manager came up to me and asked me "if I would come back at 3:30-4" I said sure and was then asked "if I was Amber." I told her no and she said ok.

So interview?

Also I had to take a break from Bleach because of all of this, stopped on episode 258, but I will be done by the time classes start up again :3

Edit: Lol i lost my sponsorship XD