Wouldn't it be cool if we could create some sort of way to give knowledge to a new born or maybe a child so that we wouldn't have to go through schooling? I literally just graduated high school and I was thinking, we waste a lot of our life just being taught the information we are expected to know. Why don't we have a way to implant or gain intelligence in a shorter time period? Think how much more productive our society could be. We would basically gain 13-20 years of our life back because we wouldn't have to be taught anything, we would already know everything we need to know. As a society, we would be so much more advanced. We could have so much intelligence such as knowing every language (that is relevant) and every subject that we are taught in school + much more. And whenever their is new stuff to be known, we could just download an update. Well, I just thought I would share this because I have been thinking about it as of late.