I really never use this site to be social anymore. I mean, as soon as it started changing, and started becoming something less unique in the social networking...network, it's just as easy to use facebook and twitter.

And now that I think of it, the group has split. I don't play with many of the old group like I used to. I play Halo with Chris and Chase a bit. I also play with Peanut, but I've mostly been playing with my clan friends.

I will say that I blame The Old Republic. I played and got sucked in, but then I had my character reach max level and I couldn't afford to resubscribe, and now I just don't want to do that again. I realized I was becoming a victim of the WoW phenomenon. Someone I swore I would never become. Also, I was losing my roots in console gaming. Halo is fun, but what made it really fun was the awesome times we had together as a group.

I realize nobody may see this for days, weeks, months, or ever...but I had to say it. This journal started out as a, "can't believe its been this long since I typed a journal" journal. Funny how things work out.