so today i go visit my doctor in my lunch break because over the past week my speech has become slurred or im stammering (which is different to stuttering)/stuttering and today it was annoying the fuck out of me at work.

i trace it all back to the migraine i had 2weeks ago where i only had 2hours sleep and nearly drove in to oncoming traffic on my way to work. lucky the street i was driving down didnt have any cars on it or else i wouldnt be here. i didnt go into work that day.

any way my doctor has asked for me to get a CT scan and lucky the place where she has referred me to will bill it to medicare (government funded health care) which is good for me because i phoned another radiology clinic and they charge $450 for the scan.

the crap thing was that i couldnt get in to see them today and have booked my scan for thursday during my lunch break. gonna call a branch near where i work on wednesdays to see if i can get in tomorrow at lunch.

any way back to the stammering. i'm getting frustrated because i have to stop myself mid sentence to either prevent my self from stammering/stutter(sometimes happens) or to think of the word i need to say next. the people i work with havent noticed because im ignored, i sit at the reception and they are in the surgery. some parents noticed my speech pattern, were a bit concerned and wished me well.
the only way i can describe how i feel is (this is really gonna sound weird, maybe insensitive but try follow) if you ever watched a Michael J Fox interview since his parkinson disease diagnosis his speech pattern is how i feel im speaking. its the only way i can describe it. it doesnt happen all the time but i think it happens more when I'm under stress or something. i can't pin point the cause.

i just want to find out what going on in my head, why am i always getting migraines in the same area (behind either my left or right eye, on the rare occasion behind both eyes)

i use to get food related migraines, but now its anything setting it off. im not liking it one bit.

it happened today at work but i had a borderline migraine/headache and i think that triggered the response.

ugh i hate this. but there isnt much i can do.

so for now until i get the scan i have to wait