If you watch AHWU #150, at the 13 seconds mark, I put together the number 150 Bread and poured water over it.

I deleted the original video I had though since it was taking up space on my Ipod.

When I first watched the Lets Play Left 4 Dead: Deathcraft episode, (Left 4 Dead x Minecraft) I noticed how people made sprays of wet soggy bread. Gavin was talking about how he vomits at the sight of wet soggy bread.Later on a podcast episode, Jack was talking about how Gavin was vomitting at the sight of wet bread.

I always wanted to make an AHWU intro video and that was my inspiration. I had to find the right number to craft so I noticed they were at 148. so I decided the easiest number would be either 200 or 150. I decided to do 150.

how did I do it?

- 4 pieces of bread
- Kitchen knife
- 1980s Chuck E. Ceese Pizza Plate
- 2 glasses of filtered water
- 1 sheet of paper
- 1 pen
- sponge
- Ipod Touch
- Windows movie maker

It took me 15 minutes to do. I first sliced off bread crust to make the number 5. I cut another skinny slice of bread to make the number 1. I balled up another piece of bread to make the zero. I then got a piece of paper and first wrote AH on the paper but the letters were too small so i flipped the paper over so I made the leters bigger but I speled it right this time. I then put up the pizza plate on the counter with the sheet of paper inside the pizza plate. I put the 150 bread inside the pizza plate and on top of the paper. I poured 2 glasses of water over the bread, I then took my Ipod Touch and then recorded it. I threw the bread away and cleaned the rest up. after that I threw it in the windows movie maker and extracted and redid the file as an Mp4 and left a special message to Gavin in the ahuploads.com