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...oh the things I have to look forwards as I get older...
Needless to say I had a pretty boring 3 day weekend and spent too much time on the internet.

Starting "Field Week" of training tomorrow which is a misnomer because really it just means we are doing a bunch of administrative convoys to m16/m9 ranges culminating in one tactical lane on Friday, no patrol base, no sleeping in a bivy, and most days training should be complete by around 1500. Should be pretty amusing when my peers and I make it to SERE and shit gets real... Which if my schedule remains unchanged I should be in during my first spring break out of college.

I made a reputation for myself the other day after our M16 PMI. We followed up with dime drills, and I manged to get it on my second try -while standing. I will admit I was using a really cheese-dick bulls-eye stance that I wouldn't use anywhere other than a static range, but still wowed my squad who struggled to get it prone with several of them having to put the dime on the barrel and not the cleaning rod.