I was recently reading over the Letter from the Editor in the December 2012 issue of Official Xbox Magazine and thought it might be fun to post some excerpts here for the RT community. I am not claiming that I own or wrote the following text. All credit for the following text to Francesca Reyes and Official Xbox Magazine:

“When looking over the games that’ve released since the first Halo launched 11 years ago, I’ve noticed a subtle evolution: relatable characters. It’s partly due to advances in technology (audio, animation, motion-capture, etc.) but also stems from how we costume storytelling in games. Our videogame heroes talk and change more throughout their journeys than ever before.”

“We see character evolution all the time in other serial mediums like TV shows, comic books, and novels. When done well, like in the case of Breaking Bad’s Walter White or, say, the characters in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter-verse, it can be like unraveling the mystery of how someone came to be who they are. So, it makes sense that game storylines would follow suit.”

“With gaming growing every year, a diverse roster of relatable characters is a fantastic thing. The more complex our heroes become, the more invested we become in their fates and the worlds they inhabit—and the more games will evolve to keep pace with them.”

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