Amateur genealogy is an interest of mine. I started researching my family history about a year and a half ago. I think it's a really interesting subject.

Here is what I discovered:

My father's ancestry is Irish, French, and German; my mother's is mostly Scottish, with a little bit of English.

Part of my mother's family came to Canada from New England and upstate New York after the American Revolution, and my ancestors on that side were some of the earliest English people to settle the Americas.

And, most interesting, through both my parents, I am supposedly a descendent of two different British kings. My father's ancestor is Charles II (the one who got his head chopped of in the English Civil War).
My mother's is Edward IV, which means I am also a descendent of King John (of Robin Hood fame), and William the Conqueror.

Heavy, huh?

Anything interesting in your family tree.? Let me know in the comments.