Three guys are standing about in the school corridor doing nothing, Max, the average one, is sitting on the floor, rummaging in his bag looking for something, he sighs and stands up.
"You know what's a pain in the ass?" He said.
"Anal sex?" Said Tom, the smallest of the three.
"What? No!" Said Max disgusted at his friends comment.
"We'll then why did you ask?" Said Tom, he was sitting on the floor with he's back against the wall.
"But, I didn't, I just said you know what's a pain in the ass?" Said Max.
"Yeah, and then Tom said "anal sex?"" Said Jacob, the biggest of the three.
"But it wasn't a question for you guys to answer" said Max.
"Then why did you ask us?" Asked Jacob.
"It was a rhetorical question" answered Max.
"Bullshit, this whole thing is just an excuse for you to talk about your obsession with anal sex" said Tom.
"I'd hope not" said Mr Wright, the boys History teacher.
"Now come along boys you're late for class, with me" he said.
"Yes sir" said the boys, gathering their stuff, the started following their teacher down the corridor.
"Now Max, what was all that about anal sex?" He asked worryingly.
"To be honest sir, I have no fucking idea" said Max

The end?

This is a story about a really convesation my friends and I had, sort of.