This is something I've giving a lot of thought to lately: what is the worst smell you can imagine? The most appalling odour ever? I think I know how to make it.

First, the dead body of a large mammal is needed. For the sake of argument, let's say it's an elk. The corpse is let to rot for about a week. Then it is shoved into a septic tank.

But, hold on. We aren't done yet.

After adding the elk, we pour in: one bucket of stagnant bog water, one bucket of powdered sulfur, and one bucket of gasoline. Then you seal it, and open it a week later.

You know you don't really feel third-degree burns because the nerve tissue is destroyed. Well, this would be a third-degree stink. Your capillaries would shut down in protest, and you wouldn't smell anything. Maybe. I'm not a doctor.

Try to top that.