So, I've been doing good, saving up as much money as I can, (whilst going to school) to go to RTX this year, but then to find out that about $800 of my rent just upped and disappeared. The apartment people say that I didn't pay it in full, but since I was unable to find my receipt, I had no way to prove them wrong. Sooooo, I had to shell out $800 ($650 of it I really didn't have, work has been slow), soooo yeah *puts up feet on the table* thats the smell of defeat.

In other news, I am working on my art drawing skills, (lukemckay being my inspiration) so that I may start doing commissions. I mean, the best I can do right now is <-------------my avatar. I mean, I can make you a fun lil' logo or something like that, but when it comes to drawing people, I am not all that good lol.

So whats new?