I've been working on a bunch of projects lately--writing a novel and a short story, some machinima work, stuff like that. I'd love to get some Let's Plays done as well. Unluckily for me, I don't have a ton of money to buy new games. Luckily for me, between my fiance's video game collection and my own, I still have a fair number to choose from. I do plan to buy both Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Remember Me this year and hope I can do some Let's Plays with them once I've played through them for a bit. I also own (directly or by proxy):

Fallout 3/New Vegas
Assassin's Creed 2
Plants vs. Zombies
Alan Wake
Left for Dead 2
(likely on an Emulator)
Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble
Arkham Asylum
DC Universe Online

From Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (only some out of 40+):
Comix Zone
Ecco the Dolphin/Ecco: The Tides of Time
Golden Axe I-III/Golden Axe Warrior
Kid Chameleon
Phantasy Star I-IV
Sonic & Knuckles/Sonic 1-3/Sonic 3D/Sonic Spinball
Streets of Rage 1-3
Vectorman 1-2

Any suggestions/preferences/recommendations?