Hey all - I appear to be having some permanent problems with my original Xbox profile, ShotgunEssence. Stuff to do with the credit card and my account is locked up. So, if anyone needs to reach me through Xbox Live to play something I own, find me at Leliannas Song. I do have Halo 4 and pretty much everything else I have an achievement for on either profile. (I'm still addicted to Fable 3 and have gotten really into it again lately.)

Things have been crazy here at home. I DID get a Kaepernick jersey a couple weeks ago. And I got my book wish list down to 29. That's pretty much all that's new with me.

I will be attending Anime Central again within the upcoming months. I'm dressing up as Tenten from Naruto and the evil vegetative Sam from Danny Phantom. HOPEFULLY DAVID KAUFMAN WILL ACTUALLY BE THERE!!!

Anyway, have a good night all!