I watched the most recent AH Behind the Scenes. Gavin really does get the short end of the stick, doesn't he?

I left a comment which said that if he kicked one of them in the balls, it would be fair. And it would. Just sneak up behind one of them and WHOMP! Frontier justice! That's legal in Texas, right?

The question is: which one? Geoff is his boss, and Gavin lives with him, so going after him is probably a bad idea.

Jack and Ryan are a lot bigger than Gav, so I don't see that ending well either.

I would say Michael, but I don't know if Lindsay wants children, and it wouldn't be fair to punish her.

That leaves Ray. Yeah. Just one kick. BAM! And, as Ray writhes in agony on the floor, Gav takes a rose, bites off the petals, chews them up, and spits them out!

No matter what happens next, Gavin can hold his head up high.

Edit: Nothing personal, Ray. I do think you're cool. You're just the logical choice.