Again, I am pictureless, except for this photo of cupcakes, which is actually relevant
(I don't tend to take pictures of my food and put them on the Internet but i told my mum about these amazing cupcakes and she wanted to see)

So I was in Brighton over the weekend visiting my boyfriend and abusing his access to the Mass Obs archive so I could do research for my dissertation. I love Brighton, but my trip was rather unexceptional except for this one thing.

On our way back from a pub a guy stopped us and asked if we wouldn't mind giving him some money because he'd been wondering around for the past four days trying to find somewhere to sleep and now he's trying to raise £17 to stay in a shelter for the night, but everyone else on the street kept looking at him like he's scum (his words), and my boyfriend and I gave him some money.

According to my boyf, this happens all the time, and sometimes you can just tell they're lying and they're just going to go buy alcohol or drugs, but this guy looked genuinely broken and horrified at his situation and I really felt for him. And I came to the conclusion that I really am too soft but also I don't understand why people are so negative towards the homeless, when it really could happen to anyone.

And then we both came to conclusion that we didn't really care whether the money we gave him actually went to getting him into a shelter or just on alcohol or drugs because we probably would have only spent it on beer anyway and god damn I'd probably turn to drugs if I was on the streets in this weather too.

Anyway, human compassion. It's a lovely thing. I thonk perhaps we need more of it. And that cupcake I had really was amazing, it was chocolate orange and the store had a window where you could see into the kitchen and all the people making them, which was nice.

I'm on my Easter break now (4 weeks!) and I've got Live for that time but I've also got essays and revising to do so hopefully I'll get a good balance going there :')

If anyone's interested in what my dissertation is on, it's the People's War in British World War Two Films, which should be interesting. If anyone's an expert in those films and can recommend one I should watch it'd be much appreciated because I haven't a clue where to start! As I mentioned above, I was looking through the Mass Observations archives - which is basically an archive of all kinds of self-report accounts of history, so like diaries, questionnaires, interviews, if anyones aware of Nella Last's diary, thats where it came from - and there are some right gems in there. In an interview with one man, every question is followed by "failed to answer the question" from the transcriber and a typically British comment on the war from the guy being interviewed.

I'm always told by my friends to tell less of these stories because they're only amusing to me as a historian.

But I also pre-enrolled for one of my modules next year and I'm hopefully doing one on the history of China from Mao onwards which will be interesting.

And I think I'm out of things to report so add me on Live: MissFrancesJ and that's it from me really. Much love.