Photographs of the Burnie statue.

2 years ago

Photographs of the Burnie statue taken in Burnie Tasmania.


This little guy has been on quite a journey.

Described by Burnie in a podcast.
Animated by Jordan in an animated adventure.
Sculpted by Kala Kromer as an RTX Sidequest auction item.
Won by : Ninjaspectre, Desayjin, and mattcorry
at the RTX Sidequest Auction at Buffalo Billiards. Thanks guys for trusting him with me.

Special thanks go to the convention ninja Count3D, who found me on the Sunday at RTX, and helped me get backstage with the statue for an appearance during the Podcast.

(Co)winning the statue of Burnie on the silent auction at Buffalo Billiards was something that has given me great joy and pride.

It has also given me many sleepless nights, worrying that the statue would still be wrapped up in it's FedEx box by the time of RTX 2013.

Mission accomplished.

Comments (67)

  • awyman13


    2 years ago

    Man Burnie Wasnt kidding! Now hes imoralized in broze forever ( as well as in gift shops)

  • justice935


    2 years ago

    This makes me very happy !

    • mattcorry


      2 years ago

      Thanks Justin. You were a big help on the night of the auction.

  • Bureido


    2 years ago

    It should be in a display case in the foyer of the Burnie council office

  • bborgelt


    2 years ago

    make that stature so we can buy it

  • NHunt2125


    2 years ago


  • AodsAlice


    2 years ago

    We're all proud of you Burnie!!! TTwTT *tears of joy* lmao I want a Burnie statue now XD

  • BioSpark24


    2 years ago

    The only way this could be better is if it was full sized

  • Kareru


    2 years ago

    Great job dude!

  • spuddybuddy


    2 years ago

    like a boss!

  • Cassner

    Cassner Hail Hydra

    2 years ago

    Hope we get to see you again at RTX
    I tried to keep people away from that silent auction sheet last time, next time I'll just get people drunk