It's official. I just got my shipment of the Internet Box Podcast Slap Bands!
Holy shit they are perf.

I decided they would be $3.50 each. ((because for some reason they won't allow me to do a 2 for $7)) I'll be doing first class shipping and they'll come in a bubble mailer.
I'll be sending to the United States and Canada ONLY.

JK NOW BC I GOT USED TO CUSTOMS. but Everywhere else except US and Canada will be $5.00 for shipping.

Reason why is because I hate customs and I feel as if sending them to another country like the UK would make shipping be more expensive than the bands itself. ((I don't actually know that but that has happened to me before)) Unless I can find a better way to send to the UK then I will allow this.

I will have time to go to the post office this whole week due to Spring Break and all.
This will be my test run on the bands. If I run out, then I'll buy a bigger quantity.