So I've been listening to/watching A LOT of Roosterteeth and Achievement Hunter stuff lately (it's pretty much replaced TV) and one of the main things that it has inspired me to do is complete games 100%. Naturally I started with Halo 4 but then I went on to Dead Space (the first one) and today I just finished Bioshock (also the first one). I have to say that completing games is extremely satisfying and makes playing the game an entirely different and better experience. Up next is going back to Halo 4 for the 9 achievements that come with Castle Map Pack. And then it's onto the sequels of Dead Space and Bioshock. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up to games that are relevant and make some Community videos. But for now gaming and watching the RT productions is good enough for me. Anyway here's my 100% games list (don't laugh).

Halo 4
Dead Space
Minecraft smiley12.gif