Yes, I'm a sports fan. It's always been a big part of me. After spending years covering this stuff, I've become an even bigger realist about my sports.

That said, I do love the Astros logo...I love the old school feel, without the sacrifice of going full retard, and bringing back the rainbows. I like the last couple of drafts, and have hopes at least 5/6 of these pan out in the next 3 years. I believe Jeff Lunhow is a solid baseball mind to help slowly build the team back up to respectability, though I think the PR approach of the Astros has been an absolute cluster fuck.

If today we find out that a deal with Comcast SportsNet and TV providers have "suddenly" struck a deal just before game 1 of the Astros' season, then I hope Jim Crane can come to grips with the reality that his is disenfranchising a large bulk of his fan base, and he better come through with those predictions of the franchise in the next 3/4 years, or else this city will want his head on a stick.

That said...let's play ball!