I was a 24 year old (about to be 25) guy trying to figure out my life. I had started in radio, and was struggling with the fact that it was neither lucrative, nor initially rewarding.

In those 10 years since I saw RvB, I've changed careers, gotten married, and become part of a really great community that @Burnie and company have allowed to grow on this very site.

10 years is a significant milestone for any project in the entertainment business, especially one in what was uncharted waters with online broadcasting, and machinima, Many good network shows don't make it this far, and with the same strong momentum Red vs. Blue still has.

I remember when I could load up Winamp, head over to the Shoudcast TV section, and play the RvB stream, that continually looped the first 2 season, while I would play WoW, or other games. It's also funny to befriend members of the sight that have been around for a long time, yet they are still very young. It's interesting to see that breakdown of members, and the wide spectrum of ages and where they live.

I'm happy for the Rooster Teeth guys, I really am. And as they are plugging away after 10 years, I wish them the best for the next 10.