So the first mission of HvZ was amazing. It was too fucking long because it was too fucking cold and raining to boot. The mission was to get 4 viles and 1 syringe that was scattered around the OSU campus. Right off the bat my team was already being trolled by zombies. We somehow managed to get away from them trailing us and ended up walking around a building fucking twice before we moved somewhere else. We were told by a mod that there was something in the area that was not found yet. So that was the reason for walking around the building twice. Now during the time that we were searching there was a craw space that was hidden by bushes and a poll really well and it freaked me out when a human popped out and I about near shoot his ass. No joke after the second-third time of walking around the damn building my team had gotten cornered by about 5-6 zeds, in that same area where that fucking craw space was. So me and one of my teammates advance forward because we were gonna take them on. I had walked right in plain view near that craw space and what do you know an asshole zed is hiding there and because I vaguely knew that someone would be there I was able to react fast enough to shoot his ass before he tagged me. Well apparently he did tag me but he busted my gun in the process. We had a dispute of whether or not that I was tagged. Thank god a mod was there so we could settle this. The guy flipped a coin and let the zed decide how to deal with the situation. He chose a game of rock-paper-scissors, best 2 outta 3 would win. I WON!!!! So I am still human for the moment. But after this was settled I was a little pissed that the dude kinda broke my gun. He tried to tag me with so much force that my gun had literally come apart and flew under a damn garbage shoot. We retrieved it and it went back together and all was good. After all of that we hugged it out for settling the situation and then I got 20 credits to spend at the store for the game for good sportsmanship :3


I know it's long, sorry.