You know, I've been on RT here for... 6 and a half years. The first 2 where nothing but watching RvB shows.... But I really started becoming involved about 4 years ago in a little RP called Space Battles: Back To Basics. I have never RPed before, didn't know how to make a proper character sheet, even did not know how to write in basic RP style.

But I posted anyways, and Rod the GodMod said I was doing fine. But I never really had anyone to fight with, until some other player named Wikia hailed my damaged ship and made first contact.
Now, I thought this Wikia guy was some self absorbed, OP, full-of-himself, over confidant ass, but he made my RP experience fun and a good part of my life.

4 years later, he hasn't changed much. BUT, I am glad to say that I would always call him my best friend. I wish he didn't live 1,500 miles away. Friends had come and gone, but he has somehow able to stick with me, helped me though thick and thin, the bad and dark times, and probably helped me make a few life important decisions.

Anyways, a few months ago, he made the choice of becoming a US Marine. I have a feeling that I was one of the few who actually was fully happy that he was (finally) joining, as he talked about it for as long as I can remember. Got to remember, I too tried to join the Military (Navy), but was unable to get in, so I'm extra happy he made it.

So.... Ed Nelson the Third... You where, and am, the best damn friend I could ask for. I wish you luck, and my salute, because you have become my hero. I see you at the end.


That is all.