So after filming a fairly nostalgic Let's Play of Another World / Out of this World HD, I glanced upon my shelf of old consoles. So many fond memories with Donkey Kong Country, Sunset Riders (I played that game the most on the SNES), Mario Kart, Party, World 64...Oh and of course the ever amazing Legend of Zelda games.

That then got me thinking about remakes of games. HD remakes have been coming out a lot lately, but not a whole lot of them are that well done. Some just stretch the graphics and optimize the games to run on modern platforms. I think the best examples of well done HD remakes are: Another World HD, Metal Gear Solid 2/3/Peacewalker HD, Halo: CE HD, and DMC HD Collections.

So anyways, what are you thoughts on HD remakes? Do you like them? Do you want them to stop? Could you not care less? Am I rambling now?