I mentioned a couple years ago that I have a Tumblr. Recently I started making humorous, nursing themed posts and have gained a bunch of random followers. It's kind of fun to know that random people appreciate my hilarity.

Life update:
I am now in Washington. I've been here for over 4 months and I plan on sticking around for a while. I'm living with a couple of guys, which is mostly great. Way better than living with chicks. They're crazy. Isis also has a doggie roommate and they're kind of in love... lesbians.
I got my nose pierced and I plan to get a new tattoo soon. I'm using it as an incentive to finally reach my weight goal of 140lbs. I've been stuck at my current weight for the past couple of years, which is frustrating. But over the last year I've definitely gained muscle, so there has been a trade off with the fat. Just not enough to my liking. I wanna really show off my newly gained musculature. I mean, I don't want to be jacked, but more toned, for sure.

At a local chain restaurant called The Rock where they serve mixed drinks in plastic pails (calling them Buckets) that you can take home afterwards... limit 2 per visit. Mine was delicious. This was right before some old, weird guy decided to sit next to me and start hitting on my friend and I. Gross. Check out those sweet forehead wrinkles.