Superstition is a really weird thing. It can make rational people behave in,shall we say, unusual ways.

My mother is one of the sanest and most logical people I know, and even she has a ritual. Every time she spills salt, she takes some and throws it over her shoulder.

I think it's fascinating to find out where these beliefs come from. In the case of my mom, she picked it up from her grandmother, and I have no doubt that her grandmother brought it over from some rural village in southern England.

Salt was believed to ward off evil spirits, and it (among other things) was used by people whose belief in a terrible hell was mixed with fairies and little people of ancient folk religions. That's how salt throwing came to be, if I had to guess.

When it comes to spirituality, I am the most jaded, skeptical, and materialistic bastard on planet Earth.
Yet, every time I go for a walk, and see a crow, I remember this rhyme from my childhood: "One crow sorrow, two crows joy."

So I stop in my tracks, and I neurotically look for that second crow. What can I say? This stuff is hard to unlearn.

So, why exactly am I sharing my musings on superstition with you? Well, I happened to notice that I have 13 friends now. 13! I am jinxed! Send me your requests and SAVE ME!