RT & AH Mobile Apps

2 years ago

So, we're in the midst of re-working our mobile apps, and I figured we should just go directly to our community.

What functionality is most important to you?

Should Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter be separate Apps?

Leave suggestions, desires, comments on this thread.

Comments (460)

  • cwardzala


    1 year ago

    With all the sponsor streams lately, how about live streams with AirPlay? Way easier than the setup I use now.

  • Fraggster


    1 year ago

    1) Scale properly for different screen sizes (e.g. iPhone iPad)

    2) Background audio so you can just listen to the podcast if you wish

    3) Quality selection - For when you are using mobile data (quality selection on the website - other than HD or non-HD would be great)

    Thank you for reaching out and listening! Good luck!

  • sl4900


    2 years ago

    Please oh Please, keep the comics in and possibly even add the back catalog!!

  • chellbob


    2 years ago

    Just a question, but was the previous app available in the UK? Will this one be?

  • Mastercb419


    2 years ago

    i would like to be able to stream on my iPad through the app

  • Shadowfied


    2 years ago

    iPhone 5 support first and foremost..

  • ethanandrew


    2 years ago

    For the PSvita? Please.

  • JDunlap

    JDunlap The Dude

    2 years ago

    I desire animated gifs of Adam and Jack dancing.

  • Burbinator82


    2 years ago

    Chat with Push Notifications would be pretty sweet.

  • FeedinTheEgo


    2 years ago

    I guess this is a bit late but I'll go right into it.

    Just to be able to do the simple stuff such as post on the forums and pages, talk on the chat, possibly see updates such as updates on the main page from staff and what kind of videos are currently out that have not been viewed...I would suggest not being able to actually watch the videos but rather having to go to youtube or the site itself to watch stuff because well its just a phone application right? Its not the full shabang.