WARNING!: If you know anything of the Fire Emblem game series, then the following will make sense. If not......THEN GO BUY A FIRE EMBLEM GAME AND START LIVING LIFE FOO'!

To those that are reading this and have no idea what FE is, its pretty much an advanced chess game with a slight twist. You control your units (You are only allowed to take a certain amount in each level) to complete the objective given (i.e. seize gate, defeat enemy - - etc). The one thing that you need to keep in mind is the Weapon Triangle (lances beat swords, swords beat axes, and axes beat lances). Same applies with magic (i.e. Anima (elemental) magic beats light, light beats dark, and dark beats anima.) if a blue unit (yours) dies, they're gone for good. You can recruit some enemy units and stuff too. Its really fun.

What I'm geeking out over is the fact that I am playing Fire Emblem 7 (Blazing Sword) and I'm trying to unlock all of the games secrets. A unit that I have never used because of the fact that the enemy can always score two hits on him no matter what I do for him has all of a sudden been wreaking havoc and killing everything he looks at. His name is Erk and he is a mage that uses anima magic. He was attacked by the final boss in the first part of the game, and the boss almost killed him in one shot. In retaliation, Erk got a critical (criticals result in the unit doing 3x normal damage). End result. Lundgren (boss in question) did 15 dmg. Erk did 57 dmg. Lundgren only had like 33 hp. Bye bye boss.

Now that I have progressed further in the game, I got Erk back, and he is more insane than normal. I can't help but use him now. He is a mad man! I LOVE IT!!!! He is already a lvl 13 mage and will be worthy of a promotional item when he hits lvl 20 and will become a sage!!!

Lol sorry 'bout the rambling *shrugs* What can I say? I'm a geek that loves it when a plan comes together *sticks a cigar in my mouth*

So how've you guys been?