I decided to keep going
Captain America: The First Avenger
This has to be THE BEST version of Cap's origin I've seen yet. Great, great, great movie and it ties in with the others so well. Thor, as with the cube being Asgardian in origin, Iron Man, with Howard Stark proving Like Father, Like Son, and with Hulk, showing how the development of the serum ended up in Bruce Banner's hands. I even loved Cap's costume(s), probably the best designs for him yet. My only complaint was how they handled the ending. Searching the Arctic circle was tough back then, I understand. But that ship had to be as big as a city block. Even with the fictional tech they were scanning with then, I bet they could find it somewhere on the path between Europe and the US. A better way to have handled it: As the ship's controls were dead and Skull went off with the cube or whatever (Which is another thing, if the cube was out, what was powering it to get to New York?), the only way to stop this thing from turning New York into a crater....is to DETONATE IT. There were enough of those bomb-planes on the thing to blow it up, in addition to all the non-fuel the thing had in it. So cap sets the big plane to blow up mid-air and then dives off. Makes total sense. He saves NY, defeats Hydra and get an Ice Block all to himself. Just an idea. So yeah, I loved the Captain America movie.

Cap has been unfrozen for a little while and is getting riled up being kept on lockdown. So Fury puts him to work to have fisticuffs with Loki. Ultimately, Cap did Amazingly well in this movie. Only complaint: The outfit.

I mean, at first, I thought 'Hey, maybe it'll look better in action, like Spider-Man's new outfit from ASM!' But no, as I watched Avengers again and again, Cap's new outfit just makes me go WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WERE THEY THINKING? And Coulson said he designed it, too. Really, Phil? What, was this your last Convention outfit? Do a little Cap cosplay? It wouldn't surprise me. It just seems so....bland. And the back of the outfit has nothing, did you notice that? No harness thing for his shield, his belt just stops at the hips. its just straight blue from neck to knee.

Lemme explain: one of the things Chris Evans even liked was that on the original outfit there was a magnet on the back straps, so cap could just stick his shield there when he wasn't using it. In Avengers, Cap never takes the thing off his arm. It really does just look like a bad cosplay.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
I'm really looking forward to this just based on the concept art I've seen. I mean, they made Falcon look Badass! (No easy feat) Cap teams up with Black Widow again, he's a new SHIELD Operative and all that, and now there's the Winter Soldier. WINTER SOLDIER. FUCK. YES.


I can't wait to see it.