I met a dude I've played video games with for years today. His name's Flint and he and I are part of the same clan. My best buddy invited me to join his clan a few months back, and I was really proud to be asked to be a part of BSE, Black Sun Empire. I've been playing with these guys for years but when I actually got to be part of their group, it was awesome. Most of our guys are from the States and, oddly enough, three of the guys I usually wind up playing Black Ops 2 with are all from Texas. Anyways, Flint was in town to see Nightmarevision (my bud) and he showed up to chill with me. It was so cool seeing one of the guys I talk to all the time, in real life. It was also sort of an odd experience to think about how many people you interact with online, and have no idea who they really are. For example, When I saw Flint, I was thrown by how tall and skinny he is; his voice on Ventrillo is really deep. Still, all in all, a landmark day.