I REALLY want Dr Halsey's jacket from the Spartan Ops missions. And I would just wear it around. As a jacket. To work. 'Cause I'm like that.

Dude, there are slots for pens on the arm. Or... wires, or syringes, or whatever she's got there. Why aren't all jackets made like that?

I might have to take a tailoring class next spring so I can make one. I find a vast majority of my adult education courses are motivated by Halo projects. (That's not normal, is it?)

Until then I have to satisfy myself with my Bioware N7 hoodie and my Blizzard StarCraft Kerrigan Ghost Jacket. And yeah, I wear them to class. What are you thinking, 343?! Think of the free advertising as I influence the young minds of tomorrow! Now make me a Halsey Jacket, bitches!