So Supernatural has ended another amazing season and I can say it was brilliant. I really did not see it ending like this, although it was good that for once it didn't end with one of the brothers dieing or being trapped in another dimension.

I love Castel and I'm glad head made it back to the show, but I do wonder about his fate. It sounded like he had his powers were taken away and he was made human (which would be the first time), but that may just how I understood it. If that is the case, then has the same happened to all the angels in the fall.

O yeh the fall was amazing, it looked great them all coming down to Earth like a meteor shower. The reason why I think they may all become human is, when they were falling and it did a close up it looked like the wings were taken off. But again we won't know for sure til next time.

I really love this show and I can't wait till the next season smiley0.gif