There is a lot of hate on the YouTube page about Smosh being in RVB, which they've already been in a few time. I'm not worried and have no hate, but this is just a few things some people are saying on YouTube.

'"Smosh" and "Comedy" don't go together'

'Please no more Smosh'

'was the smosh part supposed to be funny?'

'Smosh and Life don't go together.'

'geez they could have left smosh out of this it wasnt even funny....'

'Wtf roosterteeth, I didnt think you'd go so low as to feature smosh.
I just hope this doesnt last very long'

'I don't know about anybody else but I find the smosh parts to be the weakest parts of each season they're in. Their humor just doesn't fit in RvB'

'seriously? I grew out of my Smosh phase like 5 years ago lol'

I don't know why there is so much hate, CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!!!