Hi RT community!

I've been following Rooster Teeth and RvB for a while now, but only joined the website towards the end of season 10 and became a sponsor around the same time. At some later point I'll probably talk more about that, but for now I wanted to actually get into the journal thing by sharing with you my little project: I'm making a backpack for RTX2013.

I wanted something there that would be different, that no one else would have. I decided the easiest and most practical way to achieve this was to bust out the sewing skills and make a backpack. To really brand it for the event, I'll be embroidering an image on it, but that's for a later update.

I've picked up a pattern (I am so not creative enough to make my own), some new sewing supplies, and fabric for the outside and the lining that I think fit the ultimate look I want. Stay tuned for updates. I promise they'll be more interesting.