It seems that every bit of news that I read about the Xbox One's features keeps making it look worse and worse; no used game, no trading game, kinect always on always watching, Xbox One won't work without kinect, same Xbox Live subscription model but with even more adds on the dashboard, have to install every game to your hard drive, no backwards compatibility, won't be able to use current gen headsets. Now I own both Xbox 360 and PS3 even though I more of a PC gamer, and I started playing on the 360 first and that's where most of my friends are so I still enjoy playing on the 360 and I was hoping to enjoy playing on the new Xbox but with all these rumors there's no way I could even think about buying a Xbox One at this moment. Microsoft needs to speak up and start stomping on some of this rumors because the PS4 is starting to look pretty good with the fact that they made it very clear that their focus for their console was GAMING!! And it's possible the reason Microsoft isn't dismissing these rumors is because they're actually all true (hope not) so instead of worrying about the rumors they're actually in serious damage control trying to fix everything before E3, because can you imagine them trying to do stage demos of the new Xbox One games and people in the crowd keep yelling out "Xbox Off", chaos!! Now all that said the specs for the Xbox One and PS4 (which are exactly the same to one another so stop trying to compare one to another you silly people) don't even come close to the specs of my PC but I still was hoping to get some enjoyment out of a new console I just didn't imagine that console being a PS4.