It always amazes me that with every new Fast & Furious movie that comes out that they somehow just keep getting better and better. And that holds true to Fast & Furious 6, this movie had everything I wanted from a car based action movie and more. So if you enjoyed the last Fast & Furious movies you'll definitely have fun with this one, plus my future wife Gina Carano is in this movie!!! And on top of everything there is huge fan serving scene at the end that gave my a big action boner for what could be in the next Fast & Furious movie, but don't worry it's not after the credits so you don't have to wait ten minutes just to see a 30 second scene....I'm looking at you Iron Man 3!!!

On a side note: I just found out that my future wife Gina Carano is dating Superman.......I'm gonna fuck him up!!!!