Well, I turned 21 in December. Single, haha, was borderline alcoholic for about 5 months. Last Wednesday I poured all my liquor and alcohol down the kitchen sink drain in my apartment. I realized it was becoming a coping mechanism so I couldn't let myself go that far.

Been working for Corporate CFA for about two months now. It's not bad, but I'm still not exactly... Happy. Work's long, pay's decent. Got a dollar raise, but I HAVE to keep my hair short now, which for me means that I have to get a hair cut every two weeks or else it gets too long.

Started up a new band, this time it's just me and a drummer, I'm doing guitars and vocals and he's doing drums and vocals. It's going really well, music wise I'm getting happy again, it's been a long road and a very difficult one at that. In the last month I have bought two guitars and two basses, which has been a relief, I've missed playing bass more than I realized. I think I was born to be a bass player, I just liked the glamor of guitar more though.

Bought a new car in November, an '07 Chevy HHR, it had 86k miles on it when I bought it, I've already almost put 10k on it. Didn't end up moving to New Braunfels, but that's where I'm looking at moving at the start of the New Year.

Honestly, I think that's all there is to cover from the last few months/6 months.